Participation in Standardization


In 2002, Intralight was invited to and participated in a retail industry committee meeting and live POS/back office interoperability demo, where Intralight demonstrated our POS integration capabilities using standards based development.


POS/Back Office Committee Meeting

Tampa, Florida

January 31, 2002




Bob Johnson, Chair


Bill Wade

Professional Datasolutions, Inc.

Peter Steele


David Ezell


David Godwin


Jim Federici


Mary Feder

Marconi Commerce

Denise Hilde

Marconi Commerce

Mirek Kula


Dean Gabbert

Comtrol Corp.

Dwight McKnight

CMI Solutions

Jason Coverston


James Davenport

AT Systems

Jeff Fontenot

Apigent Solutions

Richard Halter

Apigent Solutions

James Stroud


Kevin Struthers


Bob Beale

Comtrol Corp.

Art Curtis


Deborah Savage

Bell South

Edward Bliss

Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppe

Dan Rickel


Barry Wise

Wise Retail Consultants

John Hervey


Alan Thiemann

Thiemann Aitken & Vohra, LLC NACS Counsel

John Eul

Business Solutions

Stuart McGrigor


Steve Rosenberg, Guest

Uniform Code Council

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POS/Back Office Interoperability Demo Wows Crowd

April 24, 2002

DALLAS - Looking for all the world like a NASA control center, with banks of computers and POS terminals and flanked by giant video screens, a hotel ballroom was transformed Tuesday into a mock 'convenience store' to show that transmitting XML documents from the POS to the back office, across multiple platforms, is possible today.

"What we're seeing today is seven years of theory put into practice for the first time," said James Hervey, NACS director, owner/operator community.

The "proof of concept" demonstration, to show the utility of the guidelines developed by the NACS Technology Standards Committee's POS/Back Office Working Group, was the talk of Beginning the second day of the convenience store industry's technology conference and exhibition, the demonstration showed the use of XML, eXtensible Markup Language, as a data interchange methodology for POS/Back Office integration.

Attendees pack the 2002 exhibition floor shortly after it opened on Tuesday to check out the latest in convenience store technology

Participating companies were: Advantage Retail Automation; Apigent Solutions; AT Systems; Fiscal; Gilbarco/Veeder-Root; Intralight; PDI; Pinnacle; Radiant Systems; Retalix; SofTechnics; Tokheim; and Verifone. Each company had its own POS terminal or computer set up on the workshop room dais, and video displays showed attendees each step in the process - scanning in products at the POS, the transmission of XML documents, and the transaction reflected at the back office. Transactions ran both ways: Prices were changed at the back office, transmitted via XML to the POS terminals, and new purchases reflected the updated prices.

"It's exciting to be able to demonstrate that interoperability of POS to back office using different vendors is possible," said Teri Richman, NACS senior vice president, who moderated the demonstration. "What you're seeing is a 'report card' on these standards."